Business Transformation is a capability, not a project!

We work with our customers and their stakeholders to embed the transformation into the fabric of the organization—helping them achieve and sustain future growth ambitions.

We at Business Process Experts believe that customers need to embrace the idea that Business Transformation is not just an activity performed over the time period of a project. In order to be successful, even survive, companies are constantly having to adapt and transform to external influences such as customers, competitors, vendors and regulatory affairs. Hence we believe that every organization needs to establish dedicated business transformation capabilities. Our mission is to help our customers in being successful within their specific initiatives and help them build up their own sustainable business transformation capabilities:

4. Governance Capability
Maintain transparency and traceability on business architecture

5. Implementation Capability
Apply suitable approach
Manage change and establish business readiness

6. Monitoring/Controlling Capability
Maintain transparency and traceability on business performance
Establish business performance ownership

  1. Strategic Capability
    Develop Business Strategies and Innovate on products and services

  2. Planning Capability
    Derive operating models from strategy
    Set business driven objectives and priorities
    Distinguish scope and interdependencies

  3. Design Capability
    Value driven and process centric design

Business Flows is our Best Practice Transformation Framework

In order to accelerate initiatives we have developed a comprehensive Business Transformation framework based on best practices. It consists of content embedded in an enterprise business process repository as well as templates for the relevant methodologies. 

Our 5 step approach on taking your initiative to success and establishing capabilities

Business Capability in 5 Steps Business Capability Step 1 Business Capability Step 2 Business Capability Step 3 Business Capability Step 4 Business Capability Step 5

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