bpExperts Mud Masters Team Building Event

On the 6th of May 2018, our team boldly embraced the Mud Masters Obstacle Course challenge in Weeze. We covered 14 obstacles over a distance of 6 km including 2.5-meter-high walls, monkey bars, an immense amount of mud and water and even electric shocks.

This event truly put our company values to the test. In the months leading up to the event, we proactively motivated each other to stay on top of our preparations for the big day and alleviated each other’s fears of obstacles that we thought would be impossible to overcome.

On the day itself, it was clearer than ever that we could not have managed to cover the course without each other. The aim of each individual was to ensure that we all cross the finish line as a team. Every one of us should make it through every obstacle. To this end, absorbing the energy of the blasting music and blazing sun, we lifted/ threw/ carried each other as needed. This was bpExperts team spirit at its absolute best.

At bpExperts we usually work on varying projects and for the most part we support each other remotely. Team events like the Mud Master bring us together physically and mentally. We felt a unified sense of achievement as we crossed the finish line. Our success demonstrated the power of a well-functioning team, the power of unity, the power of passion.


Register now! Business Transformation Day 2018

After last year's successful meeting with the focal topic 'Business Transformation is a capability, not a project!' we now invite you to extend the discussion. We want to address how the challenges of 'Business transformation in connection with digitalization in the context of organizational and cultural aspects' confront our customers and partners. Please look forward to the following key notes: 

  • Becoming the Intelligent Enterprise - an SAP in- and outside perspective
    Sinje Seidler, Solution Management Digital Business Services, SAP SE

  • System Upgrade NOW - Let's take the opportunity
    Maike Diepen-Engisch, Assoc. Director Document & Submission Management System, Merck KGaA

  • The challenge of building a Digital Sales Channel in a Analog Sales Organization
    Bernardo J. Quiroga, Director Business Transformation, Sivantos Group

  • Siegwerk's Digital Business Transformation -  a traditional, family owned business embraces digitalization
    Calogero La Greca, Head of Solution Design and Delivery, Siegwerk KGaA

The participation is free of charge. 

  • 13.09.2018, 9:00 - 16:00 Uhr
  • Düsseldorf

Please understand that the number of participant space is limited. More information about the travel accommodation and the event flyer will be sent to the registered participants shortly.  

Business Transformation - Einladung zum Webinar

Die Business Process Experts GmbH lädt Sie in Kooperation mit unserem Partner Signavio herzlich zum kostenlosen Online-Event BPM Live am 04.07.2018 | Business Transformation in der Praxis ab 13.30 Uhr MESZ ein.

Folgende Inhalte werden in einem prozessorientierten und praxisbezogenen Ansatz in drei Webinaren vorgestellt:

  • Business Transformation in 7 Schritten
    Martin Leich, Signavio GmbH

  • Business Transformation und unter­nehmens­weites Prozess­management schnell und zuverlässig mittels Best Practices auf­setzen
    Dr. Russell Gomersall, Business Process Experts GmbH

  • BPM für alle: Wie Hella kolla­bora­tives Prozess­management lebt
    Jens Erasmus, Global Director Business Process and Portfolio Management bei HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA

Unser Beitrag fokussiert sich darauf wie die Verwendung von Referenzmodellen zum Aufsetzen von Prozessmanagement im Umfeld von Business Transformationen erheblich beschleunigt:

  • E2E Referenz­architektur zur Abbildung der Betriebs­modelle und Geschäfts­vor­fälle
  • Dialog zwischen Business Anforderungen und Best Practices mittels Value Management Referenz­modellen fördern
  • System und Lösungs­design auf der Basis von Capability Katalogen gestalten

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme!

Business Flows Version 3 released

When we created our Business Flows reference model and set of best practice methodology over three years ago, our objective was to provide a simple process repository for everybody. The challenge we saw, was finding the right balance of being specific as well as being relevant for a wide range of customers.

The use cases and feedback from customers show that we accomplished this job well, but also let us think about what we can do developing it further.
Since the beginning of the year we have been working on upgrading model contents, conventions and methodologies and are now happy to announce the new release. version 3, of Business Flows.

The main points we have changed or added for the current release are

Additional Content (Domains, Scenarios)

We now cover several additional domains:

  • Lead to Opportunity (L2O)
  • After Sales and Services (ASS),
  • Forecast to Plan (F2Pl) and
  • Master Data Management (MDM)

Especially ASS and MDM are hot topics as many industrial companies strategically want to transform their business model more towards offering services and solutions rather than just products. This in combination with ever shorter product-innovation-cycle-times and growing markets has a massive impact on master data processes.
They need to become better integrated, faster and more reliable in order to facilitate the core processes.

Simplified role model

We have decided to discontinue the roles on BPMN level and just provide the department role on process level.

The feedback on the value of roles associated with individual processes and process steps was ambivalent as most customers have very individual organizations and corresponding role definition and naming. The added value of having an example was diminished by the discussions on how best to adapt to the actual situation.
Also, frequently - depending on size of departments and organization the role model has to be more differentiated or sometimes less differentiated.

Use case related content in detailed process charters in BPMN

We encounter two main types of use cases for the most detailed process level modeled in BPMN:

  • Act as a modeling template to be copy/adjusted rather than starting on a white modeling canvas.
  • Provide content on the main activities, the degrees of automation, inputs/outputs etc in order to facilitate process workshops and business requirements sessions.

We think the latter use case is of greater value to Business Flows users for which we provide the BPMN processes and have decided to focus on accumulating relevant information into dedicated sections. We call this the process charter. 

The models still comply with the BPMN notation but are now structured according to the fixed scheme shown below.


Each process charter contains two core lanes representing the Happy Flow and the Exception Handling.

Where the Happy Flow indicates the best practice processing, the Exception Handling supports process workshops as they indicate the essential questions to be clarified prior to a detail design.

Additionally where available, stewardship documents covering essential business requirements such as policies, guidelines, risks and controls are included.

Value Flows

The accounting impacts of business operations are often unknown or unclear to business professionals from purchasing, production planning, and sales & distribution. By the same token, experience has shown that Finance & Controlling departments are repeatedly left in the dark during process design phases of major business transformation initiatives.

Value Flows represent the impact of business activities and events in Finance and Controlling to trigger the discussion between Operations and Financial and Managerial Accounting. 

Value Flows enrich process documentation by establishing cross references between Key Value Flow topics within a business such as ‘Cost Of Goods Sold’ (COGS), inventory postings, and related E2E scenarios.

Value Flow.JPG


Value Management Framework

Business transformation is all about operationalising strategies. With our Value Management Framework we offer a structured approach on how to derive and prioritize your business drivers from your companies strategy and identify the appropriate scope and value drivers in order to achieve your objectives.

Our framework is inspired by SCOR performance attributes (strategic pillars) and metrics. Business Drivers represent trending industry hot topics for each strategic pillar. Whereby Value Drivers represent industry best practices required to achieve transformation objectives. Last but not least, System Capabilities (S/4 HANA) provide the foundation for your solution design.


Although the content of the above mentioned features are all prepared not everything is already available in the customer portal yet. We shall be publishing it step-wise over the next weeks in order to have finalized the publishing by mid September. Just in time for our customer event

Save the Date: 13.09.2018, Düsseldorf Business Process Experts Kundentag 2018

Die Business Process Experts GmbH lädt Sie herzlich zu unserem diesjährigen Kundentag am 13.09.2018 in Düsseldorf ein.

Nach dem Erfolg des letzten Jahres freuen wir uns unter dem Motto "Business transformation is a capability, not a project" erneut auf einen praxisorientierten Workshop mit Vorträgen über erfolgreiche Konzepte und deren Umsetzung. Der Fokus liegt auf dem persönlichen Austausch zwischen Experten zahlreicher Unternehmen.
Merken Sie sich den Termin vor: Donnerstag, den 13. September 2018 in Düsseldorf.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Wir empfehlen eine zeitnahe Anmeldung, da die Anzahl der Plätze begrenzt ist.
Nähere Informationen zur Agenda und zum Ablauf folgen in Kürze.