BPM tools for SAP projects – Have you found yours?

As discussed previously the selection of your BPM tool out of the plethora of market offerings should be driven by the objectives of your BPM initiative and its particular requirements.

Business process analysis may be performed with a fairly narrow focus and high level of detail regarding operational aspects.

The process documentation and analysis often performed in the context of operational excellence activities or for the definition of specific procedures supporting quality management are often fairly restricted in their process scope.

In contrast, when the task is to support mapping processes and business concepts to an SAP implementation environment the challenge for your BPM tool is quite different. The objective now is to ensure a consistent scope and set of business requirements for a broad range of processes across end-to-end scenarios. This will help estimating the consequences and managing risks of implementing the processes. Ideally this is done throughout the system lifecycle of system design, implementation, roll out, test management, SAP re-design, SAP software upgrade.

In addition to the consequent enforcement of the repository concept the tools capabilities of integrating directly with the SAP Solution Manager are driving the “Smartness” assessment of the tool regarding this use case.

Here ARIS shows the most advanced capabilities going as far as providing bidirectional synchronization of various content like process information, organizational structure, roles, master data and documents. The other tools like Adonis or Signavio in the assessment cannot yet match with ARIS but have lately developed profound capabilities for working with SAP Solution Manager. Thus finding the right balance of your specific criteria, e.g. selection of notation standards or import/export capabilities may guide your choice.

Register for the webinar for more details and as a jumpstart for defining criteria and weights for your own specific BPM needs. What is it that you are looking for when choosing your BPM tool for large ERP project? Let us know!

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