Event Recommendation: 10. Process Solutions Day hosted by gfo in Cologne

Interested in what the BPM market has to offer? Got some time next week to venture a city on the wrong side of the Rhine (from a Düsseldorf perspective)? Then I highly recommend paying the 10. Process Solution Day a visit!
Certainly one of the biggest events for BPM software in Germany it takes place on 28th and 29th of April in Cologne.
Host is the gfo, Gesellschaft für Organisation. 

The event surely meets the need for transparency in the market of BPM tools. The variety of tools is overwhelming - and the rapid pace with it's continuously evolving functionality makes it hard to keep up. 

I surely will be visiting the Process Solution Day and I especially hope the second day which focuses on Use Cases will give a lot of insights and hands-on experience.

Will you visit the event too? Let me know (mailto) what your special interests are; maybe we can meet up and 'talk BPM' over the local specialty called 'Kölsch' (something remotely similar to beer).