Event Recommendation: Software AG Innovation Day 2015

- Katharina Bozem

The phenomenon of digitalization is a challenge for many traditional organizations. Customers expect them to deliver services and products promptly. Furthermore, they expect a seamless user experience. Companies that can deliver rapidly and that offer digital convenience have a competitive advantage- not implementing digitized solutions means to lag behind a huge global trend and upcoming challenges.

To meet their costumer expectation, the organizations business processes need to reflect digitalization as well. Re-think the required steps and documents, include automated decision making and match operating models, organizational structures to the processes means going beyond automation of existing processes.

Picking up this important topic, the Innovation Day 2015 on May 12th in Bonn, hosted by Software AG, will take place under the motto "Stand out in the Digital World!" where visions, trends and strategies will be provided to support the digitalization of organizations. The agenda reflects a variety of different industries and ways of dealing with the digital challenge.

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