On-demand best practice processes - Introducing Business Flows

Been there, done that?
Yes, well then let others participate from your experience!
bpExperts therefore proudly presents Business Flows! The first on-demand business process reference content accessible for all.

Easy to access. Simple to understand. Useful because industry specific.

In the case of Open Source the sharing approach is part of the business model. This only works because over the years certain open standards - for example the JAVA programming language, ECLIPSE as the development environment and last but not least providing the source code itself – were established. 

Looking at the development of BPM practices over the last years standardisation has also developed strongly. The methodology, coming from the 'ARIS house’ and an EPC notation, now additionally has BPMN 2.0 as a widely established industry standard. There are also manifold templates and guidelines available on ‘how to model’ business processes.  

Furthermore - at least in an industrial environment - there is a common understanding that a company needs to develop an enterprise process landscape with at least elements such as domains, main processes/scenarios and activities. For this frameworks are widely accessible to be adapted to ones needs.

Concerning the last point however, the ‘source code’ of BPM, the process content itself, there is a severe backlog. Having access to complete, consistent process reference content is of great value for every BPM initiative. Instead of 'modelling-from-scratch’ it is merely 'add-delete-and-adjust’.  

The lack of accessible reference content is even more astonishing as with SAP becoming the de-facto standard for the IT-automation of various process domains there is a well established best practice process to refer to.  

I am sure that many readers will counter that every renowned consulting company has got reference models. This may be. From our perspective however they all lack openness. Keeping superior knowledge to oneself (until paid) is fine to a certain extent. A decent preview on the applied methodology and scope would however be of great benefit for a customer before investing money and not literally having to buy ’the pig in a poke'.

Furthermore the current offerings are all bound to a tool or the consulting company or both. The possibility of openly evaluating and accessing reference content isn’t possible.

This was our motivation to move a first step in direction of open BPM and release Business Flows. The key features are:  





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Source: http://www.businessflows.de