bpExperts supports Oxfam Deutschland - Unternehmer für Unternehmer

- Jochen König

bpExperts believes that as a thriving company it is our responsibility to share the benefits of our success. Therefore, we have decided to join Oxfam Deutschland´s campaign "Unternehmer für Unternehmer". 

Oxfam is an international organization committed to a vision of a just world without poverty, supporting people in poor countries starting businesses through their own efforts. Oxfam is about assuming responsibility, implementing ideas and actively shaping the future.

Entrepreneurship is a driver that can help overcome poverty sustainably. With their own small business people can lead a life of dignity and independence. From the money they earn they can feed their family, send their children to school and benefit from medical treatment. They can invest their profits and provide new jobs to give even more people the chance for a better future. 

By contributing to the "Unternehmer für Unternehmer" campaign we want to give men and women access to seed capital, professional training and support them in developing their competencies. Four years ago bpExperts started as a team of three motivated individuals. We were lucky to be in a position to be self-sustaining quickly. When you barely have the means to feed yourself it is much more difficult to develop the ideas you have into an actual business. I would find it very rewarding to see that we can have an impact on successful steps into independence for people who otherwise wouldn´t have the chance.  

Learn more about "Unternehmer für Unternehmer" and how you can support their work.