Job satisfaction and career: Why less is sometimes more!

Since founded in 2012 bpExperts has grown and we are continuously looking for highly motivated experts - or people wanting to become one - to join us. On March 19th & 20th 2016 we therefore shall be on the 'jobmesse frankfurt'.

Especially for young people the choice of future company seems clear; the bigger the better. Large companies have a brand, more customers, more projects, more employees, more revenue.
But just as a lot of large customers decide to work with smaller specialists, offering a high quality, reliable service I also believe that 'less is sometimes more' also counts for people looking for the next or in particular the first step of their career. 

Some examples:

  • Less organizational complexity means that one can focus more on 'productive' tasks and isn't lost in trying to understand the internal paths and policies.
  • Less hierarchies means that one has more direct access to the senior staff or management team and isn't 'held down'.
  • Less 'tayloristic' environment; the employee receives customer relevant responsibilities and visibility much faster.
  • Less time to waste; smaller companies bring their employees up to speed faster and enable an efficient knowledge transfer. Nobody can be 'parked away' until the demand is there.

And working for a small company - especially in a consulting environment - doesn't mean that you will not gain any enterprise experience. Our own customers for example have between 3.000 and 30.000 employees. Working in projects in these environments gives insights on how enterprises work to an extent many employees of these companies hardly will manage to gain in a short time. Concerning the ongoing development of your profile the aspect 'who were you working for?' has evolved to 'which role did you have in which project?'. The employer becomes less relevant in comparison to your personal exposure and involvement. And this is where small companies have a lot to offer.

On the other hand the 'less is more' principle doesn't count for all aspects. Small companies can offer a lot of 'mores':

  • More flexibility - for example we offer free choice of location and travelling.
  • More culture - We believe that small, fast growing companies especially have to invest into developing a company culture and not just 'let things happen'.
  • More diversification - we believe strongly in the value of diversification and with a diversification rate of > 70%, we really live it.  
  • More fun - come and see for yourself, our X-Mas parties are legendary.

Visit us this weekend and learn more during our presentation on, 19th of March at 14.30 and meet us at our exhibition stand (stand number 10).