The risk of forgetting the process - How to establish a process-oriented risk management

Again bpExperts and Software AG had the opportunity to hold a joint Webinar, where we had a detailed look on process-driven risk management.

Risk management evaluates the uncertainties about achieving a goal and addresses them in a forward-looking way. Organizations usually deal with multiple goals like product quality, production efficience and various internal and external compliance requirements at the same time. A process driven approach helps to identify, assess and mitigate the different risks related to the business process in a meaningful context and shows dependencies.

Addressing this topic, Dr. Jochen König from bpExperts started of the webinar and showed the benefits of combining risk management with a process-oriented approach. Based on this Elke Bastian presented how risks can be optimal represented in ARIS and integrated into the process landscape. Furthermore, she pointed out how to generate reports and overviews from the risk evaluation.

You can watch the recording of the webinar on our Youtube channel, as well as more videos on our webinars and trainings.