Business Process Experts becomes bpExperts

-Jochen König

Working to support our customers in business transformations with services and products we have updated our company name and graphic design to express our focus and dedication: bpExperts is clearly to the point and driving business process innovation.

2012 when we decided to create our own firm we had a very clear idea of what the core of this company should be: Consulting customers on analyzing their existing business processes and catalyzing the design and implementation of new and improved ones. And it would have to be done based on a thorough methodology and honed in years of hands-on expertise of what actually works.

Brooding about potential names for the enterprise we first tried all sorts of acronyms and puns based on the founders names and even experimented with creating a flashy neologisms as has been fashionable at the time with companies in life science and finance. But none of the options outperformed the down-to-earth descriptive name we eventually went for: Business Process Experts

This name describes perfectly well who we are and indicates what we do. The only drawback is: 24 characters, not even counting the 5 additional needed to append the " GmbH"! Ever tried to fit that into a visitor reception form? Forget it! Our customers quickly took a pragmatic approach and referred to us by our web domain and so did most colleagues internally.

Valuing experience-rooted, goal oriented pragmatism over blind orthodoxy we feel it is high time to formally adopt the name that expresses our origin and ambition, and that clearly works: bpExperts

Seizing the opportunity we also brushed up our logo and web appearance harmonizing it with our Business Flows brand. The new design expresses the clarity and stringency we implemented in our business process reference model and project operations. The bright yellow and the interwoven arrows symbolize the agility we gain when working from a solid foundation and open collaboration.

I hope you like the new look as much as we do!