bpExperts Mud Masters Team Building Event

On the 6th of May 2018, our team boldly embraced the Mud Masters Obstacle Course challenge in Weeze. We covered 14 obstacles over a distance of 6 km including 2.5-meter-high walls, monkey bars, an immense amount of mud and water and even electric shocks.

This event truly put our company values to the test. In the months leading up to the event, we proactively motivated each other to stay on top of our preparations for the big day and alleviated each other’s fears of obstacles that we thought would be impossible to overcome.

On the day itself, it was clearer than ever that we could not have managed to cover the course without each other. The aim of each individual was to ensure that we all cross the finish line as a team. Every one of us should make it through every obstacle. To this end, absorbing the energy of the blasting music and blazing sun, we lifted/ threw/ carried each other as needed. This was bpExperts team spirit at its absolute best.

At bpExperts we usually work on varying projects and for the most part we support each other remotely. Team events like the Mud Master bring us together physically and mentally. We felt a unified sense of achievement as we crossed the finish line. Our success demonstrated the power of a well-functioning team, the power of unity, the power of passion.