BPM tools for SAP projects – Have you found yours?

This is the second post in a series of three on a new bpE white paper. In this white paper, we compare ten popular BPM tools. The main selection criterion was the application and usage in the manufacturing industry in the German market. The tools are evaluated against three use cases:

  • General business process modeling and analysis
  • SAP integration and project support
  • Quality management and compliance management
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What is the right BPM tool?

The variety of BPM tools in the market today can be overwhelming.

We at bpE are preparing a webinar evaluating BPM tools for business process modeling and analysis popular in the German manufacturing industry. The results subsequently will be published as a white paper. Our evaluation criteria address three fundamental objectives:

  • Ease of use - How simple is the user interaction?
  • Smartness - How much can a user achieve with the tool?
  • Readiness to use - How much effort does the set-up take?
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