Agile BPM – What’s that?

Spontaneously, it seems like coming out of a marketing book for beginners: Combine a couple of buzz words and you create a new hype. Or is there more behind it, which really offers a way out of a common dilemma most of us are likely to know?

In order to prosper businesses have to keep control over their processes thus ensuring consistency and repeatability as corner stones for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. At the same time, even industries famous for their stability and predictability, feel the pressure to adjust business processes to constantly changing market conditions, customer demands, and supply chain and service networks.


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Save the Date: BPM Day - How BPM can affect the company's success

On September 10th 2015 it´s time again for our annual BPM day. As usual, the focus will be on costumer use cases, this year under the motto "How BPM can affect the company's success ". It is our pleasure to offer you the opportunity to share experiences within a practice-oriented workshop based on selected presentations.

The BPM Day will take place on September 10th in Frankfurt. Please save the date now. Details on the agenda and about the event will follow soon. The event will be moderated in German, presentations will be held in German or English.

Participation is free. You can already sign up, as the number of participants is limited.

We are looking forward to meet you!

How to return your investment on BPM

Nobody questions BPM as the right approach to manage complex businesses especially in the context of large transformation initiatives. However as soon as the activities and costs are planned and released for budgeting loads of questions concerning the concrete, quantifiable values of investments in BPM arise.

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BPM tools for SAP projects – Have you found yours?

This is the second post in a series of three on a new bpE white paper. In this white paper, we compare ten popular BPM tools. The main selection criterion was the application and usage in the manufacturing industry in the German market. The tools are evaluated against three use cases:

  • General business process modeling and analysis
  • SAP integration and project support
  • Quality management and compliance management
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