Business Transformation

Embedding the change into the fabric of the organization

We work with your customers and stakeholder groups to embed the changes into the fabric of the organization—helping achieve and sustain future growth ambitions.

Translation of strategic concepts into operating models is what we do best. From people and culture to processes, technology, and structure, our experts provide organization and transformation tools and knowledge.


Governance is about making sure the right decisions are made by the right people based on the right information. We work across organizations to help to create the environment and controls to sustain the change and make it a part of the company’s DNA. 

Business Rules & Processes

When redesigning processes, we foster end-to-end collaboration and process integration across traditional organizational boundaries. 


People are the crucial and differentiating element of any organization. They must know what to do and take ownership for it. We help our clients define clear, undisputable roles and align job profiles and qualification needs. 

Data & Technology 

Technology can be both a trigger for and enabler of transformation. We help our clients adapt to technological changes and make use of technology as an integral part of their operating models. Together with our data management process we provide structure and rules to govern access and retention, and establishes data owners. 

Our Capabilities

  • Large business process transformation initiatives 

  • Target operation model definition

  • End to End business processes analysis and optimisation

  • Best practice driven business process to-be design

  • Post merger integration consultancy

  • System implementation partner steering

  • Business process documentation 

  • Organisational change management

Our Differentiator