Project Management

We care, We act, We deliver!

When they need external support for IT implementations, companies choose to work with bpExperts again and again because they came to trust our Project Managers as much as they trust their own employees. Our team is diverse, not only in experience but also in culture, offering a wide range of personalities and traits for different requirements.

We care

We understand your business and are genuinely curious about your initiative.

We act

Our hands-on Project Managers contribute to your successful IT implementations by choosing the optimal mix of agile and classic project approaches for your solution in a regulated environment

We act as independent agents that work in your best interest especially when multiple providers are involved

We bridge business and IT by moderating workshops and being involved in operative project tasks

We deliver

When working on your projects, we get the right thing done with minimal waste in optimal time.

Our Services

  • project planning and execution (scope, team, resources, budget, timeline)

  • RFP drafting

  • management of vendor selection and qualification

  • SLA/SOW negotiations

  • multiple provider management

  • validation documentation drafting
    (Validation plan, URS, FS, design review, Test-plan, -scripts, -report for OQ & PQ, validation report, Data migration-plan, -scripts, -report)

  • organize and conduct user requirements / data migration / configuration workshops

  • testing / training / rollout / hypercare support