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Project to Decommission

The Project to Decommission (P2D) domain covers the planning and execution of projects as well as the implementation, operation and decommissioning of assets (Plant maintenance).

We have structured the Project to Decommission (P2C) scenarios in different clusters: internal projects, external projects, plant maintenance, and product design.

Internal projects

  • Capital investment projects (CAPEX)

  • Overhead cost projects (OPEX)

Product design

  • Internal product development

  • Raw material/component introduction or replacement

  • Product phase out

  • Product amend and complaint processing

  • New manufacturing process introduction

  • Material phase out

Plant maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Repair and refurbishment

  • Decommissioning of assets

External projects

  • Engineer-to-order (Production)

  • Engineer-to-order (Project assembly)

  • Customer service projects