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Account to Report

The Account to Report (A2R) domain covers general ledger, asset management, cost center controlling, product costing and profitability analysis, and period end closing activities. It also includes credit management, bank and tax accounting, dunning, accounts receivables and accounts payables processes.

We have structured the Account to Report (A2R) scenarios in different clusters: financial accounting, cost and managerial accounting, supporting activities, reporting activities, periodic closing.

Financial Accounting

  • Financial Planning

  • Customer invoice clearing

  • Issuing credit notes

  • Vendor invoice clearing (Purchase order based)

  • Vendor invoice clearing (FI based invoice)

  • IC Invoice clearing

  • Acquisition to retirement of assets

Reporting activities

  • Financial and management accounting reporting

Cost and managerial accounting

  • Product cost controlling

  • Production controlling

  • Cost center planning and allocation

Periodic closing

  • Period end closing

  • Financial consolidation

Supporting activities

  • IDOC monitoring