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Why? Because we are not just a casual management consultancy. Here at bpExperts you will not find
a very competitive environment in which you have to fear your colleagues. You will not experience a boss
who does't know your name and only talks to you when he needs the slides for the next meeting.
This is because we are a great family that works closely together upon certain values. Instead of
creating too much pressure on employees, we will try to understand you and your needs. And we will
support you by bringing your full potential to light. Join us - and work in an enriching and fulfilling environment

Our People

At bpExperts we celebrate diversity. We are a German company with an international team that mainly speaks English internally and that inherits individuals from all over the world. Moreover, 50 % of our employees are woman.

The reason why we engage into diversity is because our highly diverse team helps us to be successful. It also supports us in understanding our different customers and provide them with more innovative solutions.

Moreover, we have a very flat hierarchy. No matter which position you have, your opinion will be always welcomed and valued. We believe that we can achieve more if we work as a team than working 




Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our company culture and were created together as a team. We live up to these values in our daily work.

  • Mutual Respect:
  • Lift Balance:
  • Team Spirit:
  • Passion:
  • Integrity:
  • Professionalism:
  • Value Creation:
  • Proactivity:
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Life at bpExperts


At bpExperts we put a big focus on our employees and try to make sure that they can also enjoy their private life while working for us. Therefore, we have different initiatives to support our employees.

For example, employees who cannot travel 5 days per week because they have children, can make use of our home office opportunities which give them the possibility to work while being around the kids.

Another initiative is an allowance which we provide to all our employees. It can be used for different things such as housekeeping or laundry. This takes some work away from you to relax after a challenging day at work.