The Business Integrator

Business Transformation is a capability
not a project!

bpExperts GmbH is a management consulting company for Business Process Management and Business Transformation solutions.
We are a trusted advisor in industrial enterprises on all aspects of process centric business transformations. Our company values endorse culturally diverse, highly motivated and proficient individuals which engage directly with your team, add hands on support and strive for the success of your initiative. We work with you to embed the capabilities for continuous transformation into the fabric of your organisation.   

Consulting -
We care, we act, we deliver!

Translating strategic concepts into operating models is what we do best. From people and culture to processes, technology, and structure, our experts provide organization and transformation tools and knowledge.

Business Flows -
Better processes for all!

Business Flows is unlike any other process repository. It addresses industry-specific business cases on an unprecedented level of detail while at the same time remaining simple to understand.

Our Team -
Diversity that matters!

Why? Because we are not a conventional management consultancy. Here at bpExperts you will find a positive environment
in which everyone, regardless of their position, is viewed as equally valuable for the team.


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