End-to-End Process Streamlining supports you on taking a step back and align your strategy with your operating models and optimize key end-to-end process flows. We combine a reference model and process mining based approach to identify crucial interfaces and bottlenecks within your value chain in order to set the correct focus on defined measures which contribute most efficiently to your company’s overall strategy.

process streamlining_approach.png

When optimizing processes, it is important not to get lost in the details. One is easily drawn into all kinds of exceptions and operational difficulties. Very often, companies run various, parallel process optimization projects, improving single processes and activities in specific departments without being clear which strategic and overall contribution each project will have. However, the overall strategic relevance and bottom line impact of each initiative should be considered.

Our approach focusses on the end-to-end process flows and the integration points offering great optimization potential which often can be harvested with simple measures. Pre-defined reference processes and measurement points act as accelerators. On the other hand, we apply process mining to validate and quantify the bottom line impact.

The strategic perspective on end-to-end streamlining is especially relevant in highly integrated areas such as product development, customer order fulfillment, intercompany collaboration and integrated supply chains.

Our Services

  • Definition of strategically relevant operating models and targets

  • Identification and documentation of related E2E flows, critical integration points and bottlenecks

  • Setup process mining with defined measurement points and analyze process and interface performance

  • Identification, prioritization and implementation of process flow optimizations

Our Differentiators

  • Business Flows reference model to

    • structure your E2E processes flows

    • link operating models and strategy to processes

    • identify key integration points

  • Hands-on process mining expertise

  • Ready-to-run process mining environment

  • Proven track record in highly integrated intercompany setups