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Forecast to Plan

The Forecast to Plan (F2Pl) domain describes processes required for forecasting and planning customer demands and the respective material supply. The focus of the domain lies on the manufacturing industry and on the interaction of different planning disciplines. F2Pl domain is based on a planning reference landscape consisting of demand, procurement, production and distribution planning as well as the bridging element of master planning. The orchestration of these planning disciplines is handled by the sales & operations planning function.

We have structured the Forecast to Plan (F2Pl) scenarios in different clusters: master planning, demand planning, production planning, procurement planning, and distribution planning.

Master Planning

  • Master Planning (forecast driven)

Procurement Planning

  • Procurement Planning

Distribution Planning

  • Distribution Planning in fixed distribution network

Demand Planning

  • Demand Planning with manual sales forecast

  • Demand Planning with statistical sales forecast

Production Planning

  • Mid-term production planning

  • Short-term production planning