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Make usage Decision


Process Description

Based on the documented results of the quality inspection, a decision on usage and final quality is made by an authorized and qualified person. It specifies whether the goods in the inspection lot have been accepted for use or rejected.


The results of the quality inspection get reviewed and the completeness of the quality report is checked. Usage decisions can be made with the help of a predefined catalogue which includes all allowed codes for usage decisions. After the usage decision is made, the stock posting of material for stock-relevant inspection lots is carried out. The usage decision is communicated and documented, as well as a certificate of quality is generated and signed.


The decision on usage of goods is evaluated, documented and communicated. A quality certificate is generated if required.

Advisory Notes

The usage decision for an inspection lot confirms that all physical samples have been evaluated and the inspection has been completed.  Usage decisions:  - unrestricted usage sale/production - destruction of goods - recycling   - re-work - return - restricted usage (sale/production under certain circumstances - lower quality)   Approval requirements for usage decisions must be defined. The matrix between quality properties and actions should be defined to always ensure the same usage of goods.   Even in case of purchased goods, a new quality certificate might be generated if the goods are intended for sale.