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Inbound to Outbound

The Inbound to Outbound (I2O) domain describes the processes necessary to handle incoming deliveries from suppliers, vendor and customer returns, as well as final delivery of products to customers, subcontractors and other warehouses. It also encompasses processes for warehousing, staging of materials and receiving semi-finished and finished products from production.

We have structured the Inbound to Outbound (I2O) scenarios in different clusters: inbound logistics, production supply, inbound logistics from production, outbound logistics, transportation management, transportation sourcing, transportation costing, and internal warehouse operations.

Inbound logistics

  • Inbound logistics

  • Cross-docking

Production supply

  • Production supply

  • Staging for production directly from vendor

  • Production supply (Kanban)

Inbound logistics from production

  • Inbound from production

Internal warehouse operations

  • Inventory counting

  • Stock adjustments

Transportation management

  • Transportation management inhouse

  • Transportation management outsourced

  • Transportation management for drop shipment

Transportation sourcing

  • Transportation sourcing

Transportation costing

  • Transportation costing inhouse

  • Transportation costing outsourced

Outbound logistics

  • Outbound logistics