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Inspect to Quality

The Inspect to Quality (I2Q) domain describes processes required for quality assurance and quality management. It includes quality assurance activities for purchased and returned goods, and in-process and end-control of manufactured products.

We have structured the Inspect to Quality (I2Q) scenarios in different clusters: manufacturing quality inspection, supply inbound quality inspection, ad-hoc quality inspection, shelf life management, and quality management.

Manufacturing quality inspection

  • In process inspection

  • In process inspection with shop-floor integration

  • In process inspection with inspection points

  • In process inspection with LIMS integration

  • Post-production inspection

Ad-hoc quality inspection

  • Ad-hoc quality inspections

Supply inbound quality inspection

  • Inbound inspection

  • Lean inbound inspection

Shelf life management

  • Shelf life management

Quality management

  • Quality management with quality notification