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Order to cash

The Order to Cash (O2C) domain describes the process of receiving and processing customer sales which includes the initial decision to enter the order, the process of defining the price and checking the availability, the processing and shipment of the goods, and the transactions made for receiving payment. Includes all compliance processes required for order processing and shipment.

We have structured the Order to Cash (ASS) scenarios in different clusters: product sales, pre-sales, returnable materials, collaborative sales, consignment sales, customer agreement, and intercompany.

Click on the example "Sales of stock products (Make to stock)” to see more details. 

Product sales

  • Sales of stock products (Make to stock)

  • Sales from production (Make to order)

  • Sales from production (Assemble to order)

  • Sales of trading goods (Procure to order)

  • Sales via subcontracting

  • Sales for intercompany replenishment

  • Sales with down payment


  • Sample handling

  • Sales with reservation

  • Engineer-to-order (Quotation)

Returnable materials

  • Handling of returnable packaging (Deposit)

  • Handling of returnable packaging (Rental)

Collaborative Sales

  • Third party sales

  • Sales via intercompany

Consignment Sales

  • Consignment sales

  • Consignment returns

  • Consignment pick-up

Customer agreement

  • Scheduling agreement

  • Rebate management


  • Cross-company sales

  • Intercompany sales

  • Plug and play solution