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“Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men’s (and women's) blood.”


We strongly believe that communication is the best way to 'live' and promote a passionate company culture. And although writing is a great way to communicate, the bidirectional interaction and 'talking things through' is a much better way to transport and foster a passionate culture. With home office and many small teams at various customers, keeping up a good level of communication will always be challenging.

For this reason, we use quarterly 'company days' and bi-weekly 'scrum calls' to keep in touch, and also to spread and keep up the passion within our company. We have added 'Yammer' as an additional 'Ad-hoc' way to communicate and trigger discussions.

“Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men’s (and women's) blood.”

With ambitious we don't just mean 'work till you drop', we rather think that passion at work strongly comes from the will to achieve something special. If it is the satisfaction of a customer, developing a new consulting product or winning a new customer. Without ambition, is no passion and without passion we will not achieve any ambitious targets.

Celebrate differences

Passion grows when ideas are challenged, and one needs to argue for them. A company with one passionate 'Chief Cheerleader' and everybody else just nodding (if they agree or not) isn't what we want. On the other hand, if we were all 'passionate' but of the same opinion, again nobody would be challenged. At bpExperts we are highly diverse, which doesn't automatically mean that we celebrate differences.We therefore need to encourage thought diversity, which will spark innovation and lead to amazing results.

Create the space

A key aspect to build confidence within individuals is by creating space to develop skills, ideas and passions. In the context of our work, this goes hand in hand with 'ambitious targets'. By trusting you to take over demanding tasks or responsibilities and allow for you to develop your own 'style' I believe helps gain confidence. Paired with a collaborative interaction on eye-level I hope we all together manage to create and sustain an environment in which everybody feels passionate about working for bpExperts!

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