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Procure to Pay

The Procure to Pay (P2P) domain describes the process of buying goods and services which includes the initial decision to make the purchase, the process of selecting the vendor, and transaction made for purchasing and payment to the vendor.

We have structured the Purchase to Pay (P2P) scenarios in different clusters: material procurement, service procurement, portal-supported procurement, vendor consignment, third-party procurement, subcontracting, replenishment, vendor returns and vendor agreements. 

Material procurement

  • Procurement of supply chain materials

  • Procurement of inventory managed consumables

  • Procurement of directly consumable materials

  • Procurement of consumables via cataloge

  • Procurement of assets

Portal supported procurement

  • Procurement via vendor portal

Service procurement

  • Procurement of standard services

  • Procurement of one-time services

Third party procurement

  • Procurement for third party sales

  • Procurement for sales (Procure to order)


  • External subcontracting with own components


  • Intercompany replenishment

  • Intracompany replenishment

Vendor returns

  • Returnable vendor packaging

  • Return to vendor

Vendor agreements

  • Procurement via contract

  • Supplier sourcing and relationship management

Vendor consignment

  • Procurement via vendor owned inventory

  • Procurement via vendor managed inventory