Talking about planning in supply chain we like to use the immune system as analogy. From this perspective it becomes clear, that you need to approach optimization of planning in a comprehensive way. Single measures most often do not have sustainable effects.

Our resilient planning initiatives focus on implementing sustainable improvements and on generating quick wins on our way. Resilient planning empowers your planning organization to constantly adapt itself according to the changing internal and external requirements.

In order to successfully reach this target transformation skills are at least as important as planning know-how.

Please have a look at the in-depth video podcast on our resilient planning approach.

Our Services

  • Review of planning setup and identification of optimization measures

  • Coordination and implementation of optimization measures

  • Resilience maturity assessment and awareness workshops

  • Define road map to resilience

  • Sustainable adaption towards resilient planning organization

Our Differentiators

  • Comprehensive approach combining planning know-how with transformation experience

  • Clear focus on supporting you to build-up your own capabilities

  • Pragmatic yet end-to-end process-orientation

  • Business Flows reference model to provide neutral sounding board and facilitate a head start

Our Video Podcast