Business Transformation Framework

Project situation

Your organization is set to implement a new system but struggles on how to capture future strategic goals in your transformation. We follow a system neutral approach and support any kind of system implementation. Including IT systems, transport systems, or HR systems.

How Business Flows helps

Business Flows supports you during all phases of system implementation:

  1. Landing phase - business drivers transform your strategy goals into operations, the E2E scenarios provide high level detail on the operating model

  2. Scoping - complete reference content that can be used as a kick start

  3. Fit to Standard – the reference process models are discussed with respect to individual requirements and facilitate identification of gaps

  4. Business readiness – Business Flows methodology is applied to walkthrough E2E scenarios and show exception handling and manual steps on process level

  5. Authorisation & training – Business Flows process group attribute is similar to operational departments out of which business role-based process and system trainings are conducted

  6. UAT – Business Flows E2E architecture supports creation of testing strategy and scenarios