Life Balance 

At bpExperts we strive to achieve Life Balance as a state of well-being that promotes physical, emotional and family health.

 Value owner: Katharina


What happens in one area of our lives influences what happens in the rest of our lives. For example, when an employee is tired from work, he is less likely to have energy to spend time with family and friends. An employee who has no time for hobbies or recreation will most likely not be enthusiastic or able to concentrate at work.  

To decide on an appropriate balance in life and to maintain it is primarily an individual responsibility. There is no “right” balance. Work, daily tasks, friends, hobbies, family, recreation, health, personal development are some possible aspects that are important for individual Life Balance and they may vary from person to person. They can also be different at different live stages.

As employer we can help with Life Balance by encouraging general conditions and giving guidelines that allow to balance multiple responsibilities at work, at home and in social life. We are open-minded about our employees’ approach to working arrangements and listen to our employees needs to make balance possible. Working long hours and Life Balance don´t have to be at odds. We think it is important to support the ability to combine work with other aspects of our lives, rather than having to choose between them.

We encourage each other to think about the own Life Balance and those of others.

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