Mutual Respect… 

Mutual respect enables us to extract the best of our cultural diversity. Diversity can only generate value when all the differences work! Mutual respect involves accepting differences in a respectful manner, promoting communication and learning among team members based on the diversity of opinions and cultural backgrounds.

Value owners: Do-Hee and Philip  

Listening to each other in a respectful way:
We at bpExperts keep an open feedback culture. This allows us to identify points for improvement and set goals for personal growth.

Showing colleagues and customers that we care about their concerns:
For us, understanding the concerns from stakeholders is the first step to create solutions.

Helping each other to solve problems more efficiently:
We believe that respecting should not be a passive act. Bringing together team members with different educational and cultural backgrounds allow us to see problems from different perspectives.

Encouraging everyone to be themselves:
We enjoy our diversity and believe the differences in our cultural backgrounds is our main asset. Respecting our team members as individuals is the best way to take the best of each employee.


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