Proactivity is a core value that shapes our daily work in many different aspects. At bpExperts proactivity means trust to challenge and improve the status quo while enjoying responsibility from day one regardless of your position.

Value Owners: Ecaterina & Marijan


Proactivity includes…


So how do we live proactivity in our daily work?

Some employees realised that our website needed some design improvements. They came up with a complete new design and used the chance to come up with a complete new company design.

Some of our employees engage into charity and invest some of the revenue we make into charity organisations. Currently the money is donated to the make a wish foundation.

One employee shared a valuable contact of a bank to our sales team. This helped us to generate a new project.

During customer meetings, there is always one person who takes down ideas that are discussed with customers. At the same time, things are clarified with our customers and finally, everything is sent out.


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