Value Creation 

Value creation is a pivotal part of our company culture. We create value for our customers and help them to achieve and sustain their future growth ambitions. In our daily interactions with colleagues and customers we create value through work and a collaborative mindset that respects the contribution each involved party brings to the table. 

To ensure that the spirit of value creation is embedded with our organisation, we have developed five guiding principles. These are the cornerstone of effective value creation at bpExperts.  

Value Owner: Ike

  1. Carefully assess whether an action is value creating prior to start, then make adjustments where necessary

  2. Reflect on how your actions benefits the whole/group and align with stakeholder if necessary

  3. Start by prioritising your tasks, then set realistic timelines and deliverables 

  4. Identify bottle necks early, and align on counter measures  

  5. Always make an effort to communicate to other the value they bring 

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